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Major Upset BYU Upends #3 Oklahoma 14-13


What a game, no one --well maybe the extreme BYU fan-- thought BYU would win this game.  This game was sloppy early with both schools turning the ball over early.  In reality BYU should have ran away with the game they missed a field goal early and had turnovers turned into points by Oklahoma.

This was the first win by BYU over a top 10 team since they beat Miami, FL in 1990.  This win is huge and just helps prove the point that the Mountain West is a very good league.

The biggest story of the game is that 2008 Heisman Trophy Sam Bradford took a hit and was landed on by a BYU lineman and sprained his right AC joint and missed the second half.  Bradford could be out for up to six weeks, but there was offical word on the injury. 

I can hear the complaints from Norman about how if they had Sam Bradford they would have won, not so sure because Bradford was nothing special in the first half was 10/14 96 yards and a score.  Give BYU credit their inexperienced offensive line held up good enough against that great Oklahoma front.

This games had a 22 point spread and most thought that would be the case, but with sloppy play and some good defensive play the score was held under 30 points for the winner.  the second half BYU could not take advantage of Oklahoma's somber state with their quarterback out.

The BYU offense made their last drive with the aid of a pass interference call to put the ball on the two and then Max Hall found McKay Jacobson in the back of the end zone for the score and the lead.  Then the last defensive stand was able to push back OU when they got within in field goal range, but missed a 55 yard attempt.

Let the partying begin in Provo!