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Wyoming escapes late Rally to beat Weber State

The one thing about not having games shown on tv is that when a starting quarterback and backup play finding info why is a pain. That is what happened in Wyoming's victory over Weber State. The starter Robert Benjamin started the game, but was then replaced by backup and it was not Karsteen Sween but it was Austyn Carta-Samuels in the first half and split time with Benjamin. Then in the second half Carta-Samuels has taken every snap from under center.

The switch seems to be made because Benjamin was not too consistent but did not turn the ball over. Benjamin finished the game 8/14 for 87 yards, the replacement could be because of an injury but no information has came out yet.

This game was in Wyoming's hand by leading 23-7 through three quarters before Weber made a small run with a score and a two point conversion. The turnover margin which is what killed Wyoming last year was the reason they won this afternoon by finishing plus four. Wyoming eventually snuck out with a 29-22 win over Weber State.

Offensively Darius Terry rushed for 99 yards and two scores, and then Alvester Alexander had 81 yards on eight carries as well as a touchdown. It looks like Wyoming found the replacements for Devin Moore and Wynel Seldon at running back.

The receiving corp looked decent even though the Pokes were missing Greg Bolling and Donte Morgan to suspension, with David Leonard stepping up with 87 yards.

The game was not all rosy because even with having a plus four advantage and rushing for 246 yards; the time of possession was a dead heat. Plus, that Wyoming defense which was to be the strength of the Pokes gave up 322 yards and three touchdown passes.

Now the secondary did go good by getting five picks and the game still ended up being with seven points.