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Air Force Almost Needed Third Digit on Scoreboard, Wins 72-0


This was expected to be an easy Air Force win, but 72-0 is just crazy.  The Falcons just did what they are good at by running the ball for 474 yards with 10 players with 18 or more yards.  The main back was Jared Tew who had three touchdowns on 57 yards and then there were three other players who averaged over nine yards per carry.

The passing game was actually present in this game with Tim Jefferson going five-for-seven and 102 yards and a score.  The defense showed up by recovering four fumbles and limiting the Colonels to 151 yards and 1-14 on third down conversion.

The odd stat of the game was that the time of possession 30.5 minutes to Air Force and 29.5 to Nichols State, quite odd for a team that dominated rushing the ball.