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How much luster has the Oregon game lost to Utah fans?

Oregon was supposed to be this big time opponent with a fancy offense that was innovative and futuristic, well as the pencil waving Lee Corso says... not so fast my friend.  Last night Oregon looked lost, turnover prone, and was manhandled by Boise State.  Oregon did not get a first down until late in the third quarter and so the Chip Kelly era has started off with a thud.

Oregon was unable to sustain a drive with a mind boggling seven three and outs, which consequently lead them to have the ball for only seventeen minutes.  The master mind offense of Chip Kelly which cam via New Hampshire prior to Oregon was a joke with 152 total yards and the rushing attack which was to be amazing was only able to get 31 yards with a 1.8 yard per carry. 

So, to say the Ducks have a few things to work on against Purdue is an understatement.  It is also plausible that the Ducks will be out of the top 25,  too bad the voters do not listen to Phil Steele who placed the Ducks 40th mainly behind the weakness of their offensive line.

Now include that starting running back LaGarrette Blount sucker punched Byron Hout after Hout provided an unfriendly shove.  After that, all hell broke lose with Blount almost going Ron Artest in the crowd and had to be restrained by many people.  Now LaGarrette Blount is suspended for the remainder of the season, where Byron Hout has received no punishment which is debatable.  One game would have been fine mainly because of the reaction that was caused by his shove.

Blount was to be the man for Oregon in 2009 after he broke out on the scene in last years Holiday Bowl against Oklahoma State.  Now Utah's biggest non-conference game against Oregon quite possibly could come against an 0-2 team that is reeling from this uproar of a suspended player and a new coach who's offense is so far a dud.

So, how much luster has this game lost to Ute fans?