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Belated Version of What We learned in Week Four of Mountain West Football

Air Force
The Falcons have a pretty good defense --or SDSU maybe that bad again-- as they rocked San Diego State QB Ryan Lindley with three sacks.  The defense forced six turnovers and kept the Aztec running game to 68 rushing yards when you include actual rushes -- the collegiate game counts sacks as rushing yards.

Air Force is going to be all right if QB Tim Jefferson is going to be out for a significant amount of time.  Fill in QB Connor Dietz did a good job running the offense with the usual low passing game with his line reading 3/6 51 yards and then he rushed for another 64 with a seven yards per run. 

The downside is the amount of penalties the Falcons had nine for 75 yards and on the year average six for 43 yards a game.  The Aztec game is of concern because the Falcons play their first Commander-In-Chief trophy game against disciplined Navy, and penalties could be an issue.


The Cougars are the same team they have always been, by being able to beat up on not great teams. QB Max Hall is not as consistent as last year and has eight picks and eight touchdowns on the year.  The pass defense is nothing special, they allowed subpar QB Grant Stucker to throw for 372 yards against them.  Just wait till they face a team with a good quarterback.

Colorado State

The Rams are still a step behind the big three in the league.  CSU is good enough to compete with Air Force and maybe Utah this year but they are not ready to take the next step as an upper tier Mountain West team.  Their running attack is doing ok, but it is not going to be as good as last year.

New Mexico

What can you say about the Lobos?  They are challenging for 0-12.  Their head coach Micke Locksley is ppunchingg out other coaches. Not sure where they will get a win, because their easiest opponents left are all on the road.

San Diego State

Not much has changed from last year.  The offensive line is struggling to protect their quarterback, which in return causes him to be pressured and make ill advised plays.  If the line can give QB Ryan Lindley a little time things could improve in San Diego.  Also, the line needs to improve their run blocking, because right now the Aztecs are not able to run the ball at all.


The Horned Frogs are the only hope for the Mountain West's chance of a BCS bowl bid.  Their defense is there, even though they let Clemson's CJ Spiller go nuts last week.  The offense is still lagging the big play ability to take out opponents with a quick drive.  Plus, the offense is not starting off quick enough which could lead to problems when they face BYU who can score quickly.


For all they hype the Rebels were getting as a potential bowl team and a threat to the top of the league; it all washed away with a very bad loss to Wyoming.  In terms of statistics the offense was actually solid, the Rebels had over 90 yards rushing from Channing Trotter and QB Omar Clayton passed for 260.   The turnovers are what killed them this past week, and their defense which allowed the Pokes to score a season high.


The Utes were decimated with injuries this week with RB Matt Asiata out for the year along with injuries across the offensive line and defensive line.  The Utah defense looks to be back as they snuffed out Louisville in their recent matchup.   The concern how shifts to who will replace Matt Asiata or a better question how many people will it take to try to replace Matt Asiata. 


The Pokes may have found their starting quarterback with true frosh Austyn Carta-Samuels who lead them over UNLV for their second win of the year.  He threw for 234 yards and three TD's and tacked on 34 yards rushing. The defense held their own against UNLV, but the big news is that the Pokes hopefully have their quarterback of the future.