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A Punch In the Face Equals a Verbal Reprimand

New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley who admitted to punching wide receivers coach Jonathan Gerald received verbal reprimand and a letter in his permanent file.  The fight occurred the day after Air Force beat the Lobos, and the punch split coach Gerald's lip.

New Mexico had a press conference today with out Coah Locksley's presence but he a written statement he wrote went as follows:

"I apologized to Coach Gerald, the coaching staff and our team for my poor judgment. I would also like to apologize to Lobo fans. Our focus is now preparing to play a very good Texas Tech team Saturday in Lubbock. Like I remind our players, when mistakes are made, you acknowledge them and deal with the consequences.

Coaches are real passionate about their teams, but in no way is punching another coach --or anyone-- acceptable no matter how heated things got.  Now, Locksley is on real thin ice and any more of a mishap and he is gone.  This is the second major offense Locksley has occurred in his short tenure at New Mexico; the other was a sexual harrasment and age discremantion suite filed against him in May.