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Mike Locksley in trouble again after punching out wide receiver coach

Mike Locksley in trouble again after punching out wide receiver coach

So... the Mike Locksley hire may not have been the best choice by New Mexico.  Back in May Locksley was accused of sexual harassment and age defamation, the Lobos are 0-4 just got beat by their rival on a last second drive, and now this: Locksley is accused of punching wide receivers coach Jonathon Gerald in the mouth.  Details from from the police report after the jump.

Mr. Gerald said that earlier in the evening at about 1915 hours [7:15pm] he was attending a coaches meeting which he stated become "heated." Mr. Gerald said at one point in the meeting Coach Michael Locksley, who is the head coach for the team became angry with him and approached him in an aggressive manner. Mr. Gerald said that Coach Locksley grabbed him by the collar and as other coaches were attempting to intervene, Coach Locksley punched him in the mouth causing a small cut on the inside of his upper lip.

Mr. Gerald said he did not wish to file any criminal charges against Coach Locksley at this time however he did want the incident documented in a police report.

Coach Locksley needs to adhere to his own advice by telling the media he was trying to be a calming influence.  I guess that does not apply when you blow off your mouth of how the Lobos will compete for a conference title in year one, then get sued within a few months on the job, and are basically shooting for 0-12.

A press conference is going to be held at 2:30pm mountain time to discuss the situation, and effective immediately Locksley is going on leave for 'personal issues.'  Anger management is in his future for certain, and possibly a new coach for the Lobos.

Do not fault Locksley he is just following his favorite NFL coach: Tom Cable.