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TCU Pulls out Big Road win at Clemson

This helps reshape the pride in the conference by defeating an ACC team --even though Clemson is nothing special in a rain storm.  Clemson RB CJ Spiller's turf tough was much better then 85 percent as was reported, he took off for 112 yards rushing, 79 receiving, and 36 on the punt return game.  This is the first 100 yard rusher since Devin Moore late in the 2008 season.

The TCU defense came to the show in the second half by shutting out Clemson and making plays to stop them. Most notably late in the fourth with Clemson down four and in field goal and can not get a first down which would have put them inside the five.  The TCU defense shut out Clemson on the scoreboard was huge and the difference.

This game was nearly a dead heat TCU had a slight three minute edge in time of possession, 19-17 advantage for TCU in first downs, and TCU outgained Clemson by only 79 yards.  The only notable discrepency in any teams favor was Clemson's favor was the penalties where TCU had 11 for 106 and Clemson had 6 for 49 yards.

The passing defense was the reason for the win as TCU held Clemson's frosh QB Kyle Parker to only 192 yards and was a measley 13-37 and no scores.  The rain did not help nor did his green-ness especially on the play mentioned early with Clemson inside the Horned Frogs 20 and could not get a touchdown while in the redzone.

TCU on offense was nothing special and the running game was lead by QB Andy Dalton with 86 yards which most was from beingo chased by the Clemson defenders.  The two main backs Ed Wesley and Joseph Turner combined for less yards then Dalton with 68.  Andy Dalton had one of the better games of his career and by far the best of the year with no turnovers and two touchdowns.

Each squad missed a field goal which could of made a difference in Clemsons favor had they made their fourth miss.  Also, Clemson had three turnover on downs, however that was really two because the last one was on the last possession of the game.

This win may not have been impressive, and was a typical TCU win with an efficient passing game and rock solid defense.  The only concern was that the TCU running game which has been their strength in past years and was so far has been good this year was.  Also, ten penalties for over one hundred yards are not the norm for the Horned Frogs.

A win over an ACC team and a potential contender for at least a division title and a spot in the conference title game is a good win for TCU and the league to bring back some more respect nationally.