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Wyoming Lays an Egg against Colorado

The Wyoming quarterback situation is officially a mess.  Robert Benjamin who played adequate against Texas, but he only played sparingly against Colorado and was 1/4 for two yards and was replaced by Austyn Carta-Samuels.   Carta-Samuels was nothing special throwing for 125 yards, and then Karsteen Seen who was the former starter for the past their years got some playing time.

The first half for Wyoming was not good and went three-and-out six times in the first half, when they managed just three first downs and 61 yards of offense.  The Wyoming offense was inept and the leading rusher was QB Austyn Carta-Samuels and only managed 36 yards.

Colorado running back Rodney Steward was the star of the game with 127 yards and touchdowns.  This is odd because star recruit Darrell Scott did not play in this game, it could have been from his knee injury he suffered but he was expected to play.  This win removes one hot coal from the hot seat Dan Hawkins is on.  Neither team played well, but the Buffs outplayed and equally terrible Wyoming team.