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Florida State Crushes BYU and ends any hope of National Title Chatter

BYU was walloped by unranked Florida State which ended BYU's 18 game home winning streak.  Max Hall returned to his old form from 2008 where he threw for eight picks and only one score when he played Utah, TCU, and Arizona.  Hall threw three interceptions then there were the two fumbles with Jan Jorgensen fumbling a kick off and then WR O'Neill Chambers also fumbled after a catch.

This game was gong back and forth until Florida State scored 24 straight points which came by BYU fumbling a kickoff and an interception return for a touchdown.  BYU's defense was able to hold QB Christian Ponder to 100 yards under his average on the year which was just over 300 yards.

The real killer for the game was the running game which was able to gain 313 yards which in turn made the time of possession well in the favor of Florida State -- 40 minutes to 20 minutes. 


BYU's offense was not terrible Max Hall did throw for over 300 yards and RB Harvey Unga was back for his first full game action with 97 yards.  The stalled drives and turnovers hurt any chances for BYU in this game.  Their defense was decent by forcing third downs however FSU was able to convert 12 of 15 third downs.

All throughout the game it seemed that FSU was able to get that key first down or big pass play to keep the chains moving.  WR Jarmon Fortson who is 6-3 was able to leap over the shorter BYU defensive backs and made a few impressive plays for FSU.  This game just seemed that FSU was playing the perfect game with making key plays and not making mistakes-- well there was the nine penalties for 74 yards.

This loss essentially takes BYU out of the running for a BCS game, but not entirely.  The odds are slim because Boise State just beat up on their toughest opponent  in Fresno State and Nevada does not look as tough as thought.  Also, TCU is on a good start to the season and will be ranked ahead of BYU.  The only hope is for BYU to win out which would include good wins against Oklahoma, TCU, and Utah all who will be ranked at some point in the season; plus they will need Boise State to lose a game.  So, the odds are slim of a one loss BYU team to make their first BCS game.