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Five Questions with Ralphie Report about Wyoming vs. Colorado

This week we have a short interview with Ralphie Report about the upcoming game with Wyoming traveling to Colorado.  Make sure to check their site for my answers to their questions.  Check the interview after the jump.




1. I read your recent piece about The Finances Behind a Buyout which detailed the finances of Dan Hawkins being bought out, which would be a lot of money if that happened.  What type of season would force the hand for the University to make that decision, or will they stick with him for another season because of the finances?

I wish we knew. Right now, it is difficult to know what is going on in the athletic department. The coaches and AD are stressing only minor changes need to be made while that certainly doesn't look like that will do based on the first two outings.  Lose to Wyoming and the heat will only go up but I don't believe Hawkins will be fired anytime soon. To me, the chances are better that he will make it this season and next season than he being fired after 2009 purely based on the finances. What will be interesting is to see what happens to the athletic director and certain assistant coaches after the season if this keeps up. That is where I would look for the movement to occur, if needed and if any.

2.  Now on to game chatter, has Dan Hawkins finally realized the type of player he has in Darrell Scott and use him early in the game to establish the run and not pass over 60 times similar to the Toledo game?

Depends on how many points Wyoming scores early. If the Pokes get up a couple of touchdowns, the Buffs will throw the ball non stop in an attempt to get back in the game. Buff fans were pleased with the commitment to Scott in the first half as he went for 85 yards on 12 carries but he didn't get a carry or any significant playing time in the second half because of the deficit. The real test to see if the staff gets it is if they are in a close game, something Colorado has not been in the first two weeks. We certainly liked what we saw from Scott the first half and with WR Markques Simas and RB Rodney Stewart supposedly returning this week, he should get some playmaking help.

3. Wyoming was able to apply some good pressure against Texas  and Colt McCoy and force a pick. How is Colorado's offensive line able to handle the type of pressure Wyoming plans to bring?

Colorado's offensive line is still a work in progress. Once again, the Buffs have a young line on the field and you can tell that there is some confusion up front. Due to all the passing attempts through the first few games, Colorado statistically has not protected the quarterback well, ranking dead last in the Big 12 in sacks given up and 104th in the nation overall. I would expect Colorado to come out and once again, try to establish the run and limit Cody Hawkins in the offense. But, like I said above, if the Cowboys get ahead, the Buffs become very predictable by throwing almost exclusively and that is when the Pokes' defensive line can get after it.
4. How are the fans taking the 0-2 start after Dan Hawkins saind 10 wins for 2009?

Not well. Talks of buyouts, recruits possibly decommitting and fans not renewing season tickets are never a good thing. The fact that Colorado has regressed from last year and the players don't seem to be responding to the coaches is the biggest concern. The frustration level is very high right now and on the verge of exploding with a loss to Wyoming. 
5.  Is there any comfort in knowing that new Wyoming head coach Dave Christensen came from Missouri and is running an offense that Colorado is familiar with?

If you consider there to be a comfort losing to Christensen's offense the past two years by a combined score of 113 - 10, then yes, we are extremely comfortable.  I sure don't. We shouldn't mistake Wyoming's offense for the Missouri offenses of the past few years but the Colorado Buffaloes' defense ranks last in the conference in almost every single defense category so regardless of what offense is playing Colorado for the rest of the year, there will be little comfort. Ron Collins, the defensive coordinator, says he will simplify the defense to avoid substitution confusion that occurred the first two weeks. We will see if that helps...unless Colorado gets a pass rush, everyone is going to have success.