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New Mexico is Really that Bad

The Lobos really are that bad and their touchdown came off of a 92 yard fumble recover for a touchdown by Tray Hardaway.  New Mexico had zero offense and could not move the ball.  Starting QB Donovan Porterie was benched in favor of B.R. Holbrook who did not do much better.  The two combinded for 116 yards and a pick, then there is the running game that was non-existent with 55 yards of rushing the ball.  New Mexico also gave the up ball four times which lead to points

The defense was just as bad this week as last week with them giving up over 300 yards passing again.  The defense was able to force a good amount of third downs, but Tulsa was able to convert eight of seven teen on third downs.  Third downs for New Mexico was down right terrible as they went one for eleven.

New Mexico was suppose to have talent left over from Rocky Long with last year just being an aberration because of injury.  The Lobos look to be the worst team in the MWC, yes even worse then San Diego State. 

There really is nothing more to say, New Mexico could do nothing on offense or defense and it showed with their second straight game without an offensive touchdown.