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BYU Explodes on Offense for 54 points against Tulane

After a slow --and might I add boring first half-- BYU took off in the second half to blow out Tulane to improve to 2-0.  The big news in the game was that RB Harvey Unga who has been nursing a hamstring injury entered the game and had a few carries. 


The first half started off slow with BYU unabable to get in the end zone but made two field goals to get an early 6-0 lead.  Tulane then got on the board with their own field goal which was their only points for a while in the game.

Then BYU got serious by getting up 20-3 to end the half with two touchdowns by RB Bryan Kairya one receving and one rushing the ball.  BYU was eventualy able to just run the ball at will with Kairya and JJ DiLuigi who had two touchdowns himself.

Max Hall had 309 yard game throwing the ball, a touchdown pass, however he did have a pick that was pretty sloppy and was similar to one of his picks last week against Oklahoma and last year.  The pass was intended for Denis Pitta across the middle, but the safety stepped up and took the ball that hit him in the numbers.

The BYU defense started off slow by allowing Tulane to methodically drive down the field, but looking at the stats at the end of the game Tulane was held under 200 yards for the game.  Also, BYU was able to get four takeaways, and the BYU defense is improved from last year by not allowing big plays and shutting down the offense.

Tulane QB Joe Kemp was all right with 14-19 passes for 105 yards and a pick, but once the game out of hand the backups entered the game to avoid injury.

From midway from the first quarter it was all BYU and they just moved down the field and spread the ball to everyone.  Backup QB Riley Nelson got in the game and scored a rushing touchdown late in the game.  The only complaints about this game would be that BYU started off slow.  That is something that can not happen against Florida State next week.

A few downsides that RB Harvey Unga tweaked his hamstring again which is a huge concern especialy with Florida State coming up next week.  He should not have played at all in this game and just rest that injury.  Also, the kicking game was a mess by kicking the ball out of bounds and missing an extra point.

These finite things are what need to be fixed since BYU is a top 10 team and need to be perfect when they play better opponents.  However it is hard to complain with a 54-3 win.