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TCU Horned Frogs @ Virginia Cavaliers Preview

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TCU Horned Frogs
@ Virginia Cavaliers

Saturday, Sep 12, 2009, 12:30 PM PDT

David A. Harrison III Field at Scott Stadium


Radio:103.3 ESPN Radio

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The TCU Horned Frogs finally open their season after having the luxury of having their bye in week one which means they now have 12 straight weeks of football.  On the other hand the Virginia Cavaliers wish they could have had a bye as they lost to FCS squad William & Mary 26-14.  This means that  Al Groh may actually be fired and at worst is being poked by hot pokers by the proverbial hot seat.

Virginia has two types of seasons either they start of terrible and end hot, or they start of great or tank at the end of the year.  Even though TCU is being favored anywhere from 10-13 points and is ranked in the top 20, this game is a must win for the MWC to gain respect and to prove that the league is as good if not better then the ACC.

I guess, it's time for actual game analysis for this rockin' matchup.  First off Virginia will come out fired up and will actually be able to keep this game close, because they will be fired up after being embarrassed by some guys named Bill and Mary the week before.  TCU's defense returns all-American candidate defensive end Jerry Hughes who will be chasing down one of three quarterbacks.  That is right after week one Al Groh has three quarterbacks listed on the depth chart as potential starters.

The three QB's are converted CB Vic Hall who is an athlete, Jamell Sweell, or Marc Verica.  Last week all three played and they only managed 137 yards passing with Jamell Sweell  tossing three picks.  Vic Hall is the athletic QB who will run first and pass second and lead the team with 54 yards rushing.  Virginia is questionable on offense, and even though TCU is replacing most of the starting defense they will still be able to stop this pathetic offense. 

TCU on offense has RB Joseph Turner, QB Andy Dalton, WR Jimmy Young, and WR Jeremy Kerley.  For once the Horned Frog offense will be on the same level as the defense if not more. Offensively the Horned Frogs also have a pair of wide receivers for the first time and will not need to run the ball to score points.

They also will run some plays with WR Kerley in the shotgun for difference looks to mess with the defense, oh wait TCU could just run the ball or simple pass plays to move the ball against Virgina.  Expect TCU to come out swinging and easily take care of Virginia.  The Cavaliers may make it close for a quarter or so to try to redeem themselves from last weeks loss, but will fall short and get beat soundly.