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Welcome To The Mountain West Connection

Welcome To The Mountain West Connection!

This site is dedicated to everything Mountain West related we talk about football, hoops, recruiting, and other stuff that relates to the league.  This is the place to find all news in one place about the MWC with previews, recaps, live chats, news, and much more. 

Just to let everyone know this is not a start up blog about the Mountain West I have been writing about the league for just over two years, so feel free to read any of my archives to see what this place has been about.

To my current readers of the site all the changes will be for the better here at SB Nation. There will be a few more writers joining me here to provide more content and better coverage.  Plus, there will be more features with the capabilities provided from SB Nation.

At the Connection we encourage reader interaction and all of the SB Nation sites are set up to make the readers into writers of their own, through commenting, fan shots, and fan posts.  For a great crash course on how to use all the great features SB Nation has to offer,check out the SB Nation Welcome Guide.

Go ahead and check out the site and start commenting and posting your own content.