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Best Case/Worst Case Scenario: San Diego State Aztecs

Best Case Scenario: Five wins is a possibility for San Diego State if things break right. The Aztecs are another team with a new coach with Brady Hoke coming in from Ball State, and then adding former New Mexico head coach Rocky Long as the defensive coordinator. It is hard to determine how good the Aztecs could be because the coaches are keeping things close to the vest and closing scrimmages to everyone.

The Aztecs do have a star in the making at quarterback with Ryan Lindley, and if he can get protection this year from the offensive line, unlike last year where the line was crushed with injuries. Even with the team not competitive the freshman Lindley was able to have a positive touchdown to interception ration, and passed for a respectable 241 yards per game.

Defensively was a nightmare for the Aztecs as they gave up 37 points per game, and the hope is that Rocky Long's 3-3-5 defense can help and with the diversity of schemes that can be run the defense should be able to make some plays.

If Injuries are kept to a minimum across the team the Aztecs actually have chance to challenge for a bowl berth in 2009.

Worst Case Scenario:Could another two win season be in the works? Probably not but the season could be just three wins with those coming against Southern Utah, Idaho, and New Mexico State. The reasoning behind this is that the team does not pick up the new offense or defense.

Getting the team to buy in that they can win is a problem, San Diego State is the only team that has not been to a bowl game since joining the MWC. At lease one conference game should be in the works and the only one to consider is the home game against New Mexico, but beyond that game conference wins will be hard to come by.

This could be a growing pain season for the Aztecs with 2010 possibly being the season where the Aztecs are able to get closer to a bowl game.

Date Game Time Zone Television
Saturday, September 5 San Diego State at UCLA 4:30 PM PT Fox Sports West
Saturday, September 12 Southern Utah at San Diego State 5:30 PM PT No TV
Saturday, September 19 San Diego State at Idaho 2:00 PM PT SWX Spokane
Saturday, September 26 San Diego State at Air Force 12:00 PM MT The Mtn.
Saturday, October 3 New Mexico State at San Diego State 5:00 PM PT No TV
Saturday, October 17 BYU at San Diego State 3:00 PM PT The Mtn.
Saturday, October 24 San Diego State at Colorado State 2:00 PM MT The Mtn.
Saturday, October 31 New Mexico at San Diego State 4:30 PM PT CBS C HD - HD
Saturday, November 7 TCU at San Diego State 1:00 PM PT VERSUS HD
Saturday, November 14 Wyoming at San Diego State 7:00 PM PT The Mtn. HD
Saturday, November 21 San Diego State at Utah 2:00 PM MT VERSUS HD
Saturday, November 28 San Diego State at UNLV 6:00 PM PT The Mtn. HD

Not a chance: @Air Force, BYU, TCU, @Utah

50/50: UCLA, @Idaho, New Mexico State, @Colorado State, New Mexico, Wyoming, @ UNLV

Lock it up: Southern Utah