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The Offical Unoffical Announcement of Who Will be Utah's Starting Quarterback

There has been no announcement as of yet of whether the Utah quarterback job will go to Jordan Wynn or Terrance Cain.  However, by listening to people who have been at Utah practices and reading between the lines of what coach Kyle Whittingham has been saying to the media; the starter will be Terrance Cain. 

It has been reported that Cain has been over 65 percent of the snaps, and with fall camp ending and with the team prepping for Utah State are more important and trend toward Cain being the starter.

Heard this bit of audio this morning and the conversation went like this:

Reporter 1: So, will you announce the starter to the media?

Kyle Whittingam: No

Reporter 2: So, will it be the guy who runs out on the field for the opener?

Kyle Whittingham: Yes

Reporter 2: Is it because you do not want to giver Gary any edge? (Gary is Gary Andersen former Utah defensive coordinator and current Utah State Head coach)

Kyle Whittingham:  Why give him anything he can use against us.

From what was said on the radio makes sense and that with Cain getting more snaps while the team prepares for Utah State he should be the starter.  One other note that was brought up that whoever gets the first snap of practice on Monday with the first team will be the starter.

Coach Whittingham is playing it close to the vest, but the keen observer seems to have sniffed out who the starter will be.  So, congrats to Terrance Cain who has unofficially been named the starter at quarterback for Utah.