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Previewing 2009 Wyoming Opponents: Colorado Buffalo


This rival game has been played in Denver since 1998 with the exception of 2004 and 2005.  This year Colorado played a card from the contract that allows the game to be moved to their home stadium, so the Buffs did that for this year game; soon after Colorado State did the same.

Even though both schools make more money in Denver the Buffs want six home games each year and keeping the game in Denver would not allow that.

This team should be good enough to rebound to a bowl game, but brutha’ Coach Hawkins has some holes to fill to make that a reality.

The biggest news this offseason for Colorado is the transfer of playmakin’ wide receiver Josh Smith who is transferring to either USC or UCLA.

The only experienced receiver back is Scotty Mcknight, while the rest are either redshirt freshman, Markques Simas, or JUCO transfers, Andre Simmons.  These players are all considered good talent, but experience and playing in the Big XII will hurt them at some point on the year.

Passing Com% Yards TD INT
Cody Hawkins 57.2 1,892 17 10
Rushing Carries Yards Yards Per Carry TD
Rodney Stewart 132 622 4.7 2
Darrell Scott 87 343 3.9 1
Receiving Catches Yards Yards Per Catch TD
Scotty McKnight 46 519 11.3 5
Riar Geer 13 183 8.7 2
Ryan Deehan 4 61 12.2 1

There is still some questions if Andre Simmons will be eligible to suit up in the fall, if he is able to play Simmons should be in the starting lineup very soon, if not the first weekend.

The tight end position is interesting because Riar Greer who started at wide receiver is moving to tight end this year he does have the size at 6-4 and 250 pounds.  Greer will do minimal blocking, but instead will use his pass catching ability at tight end. Greer will be more similar to the rest of the Big XII tight ends that are receivers first and blocker second.

Where the wide receiver position is iffy the running back position is the strength of the Colorado offense.  It will be a strength if the Buffs are able to stay competitive in games, especially in the big games like Nebraska, Kansas, @ Texas, and @ Oklahoma State.

There are three backs in consideration for Colorado and they are Darrell Scottfive star recruit, –  Rodney Stewart was only a two star high schooler, and then the third is Brian Lockridge who could be used to catch the ball.

The talent at tailback is huge with former high school stars, but experience is in question.  Even though Stewart is the returning rusher he is still being challenged by players with very little playing time, or backs who have not seen the field at the division one level.

The running game will most likely come down to putting players in the game where they specialize; whether it be short yardage, catching ability, or the speed back.

Quarterback play returns their two year starter, and coaches son, Cody Hawkins who was terrible when comparing his Sophomore campaign.

His first year as a starter was much better with over 3,000 yards, but last year Hawkins was ineffective at times and was benched for a few games.

The offense overall has the chance to be pretty good with all the talent on the offensive line, and the potential at the running back position.  Odds are it will be an average offense.

Defensively the linebackers are the strength of what is a below average defense in the Big XII, but they are the key to help the Buffs try to slow down the scoring machines that are the Big XII offenses.  With the strength at linebackers Colorado is moving form a 4-3 to a 3-4 which will help improve their lackluster defense.

The Buffs were eigth in the Big XII in defensive scoring, but somehow were fourth in total defense.  That is not really hard too hard to explain, because the Buffs had a minus seven in the turnover margin and gave teams too many chances with a short field.

Even though the defense only returns three starters, they look to be improved.  Shaun Mohler who started at linebacker last year  might possibly be regulated to backup duty, which is not all that bad for this team.

The only problem with linebackers are that none can do it all, but they have enough individual skill sets within the depth chart to be good.

The front line is in the worst shape with all three starters from last year gone; that is a reason why the depth of linebacker is a good thing, because they will be called upon in slowing down the running attack.

Secondary is also a concern — specifically in the Big XII– with Cha’pelle Brown coming back from an injury and Jimmy Smith who is fast (4.5) and big (6′2″), but he has had problems listening to the staff; tha tis until this spring where something clicked and he just got it.

In the Colorado State game the secondary will not really be an issue, becuase the Rams quarterback situation is unsettled, but they need to be ready for when Big XII play begins.

Overall the Buffalos most likely will have a record just above .500 and attend a mid-tier bowl; they will not be as bad as last year, but they will not be anything special.