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Making the Rounds: Hodgepodge

Air Force

A rarity at the Academy as they have seven freshman on the varsity squad.  The best athletes are going to play defense.  Jon Davis only plays basketball for fun.


Max Hall is fine after dislocated his right ring finger, and this has nothing to do with him throwing two picks in practice. The 25th and possible final recruit for the 2010 class.

Colorado State

The quarterback situtation is still iffy after the first scrimmage, but at least it is done from four to two players. 

New Mexico

Mike Locksley is being accused by a former employee combination of age discrimination and sexual harassment.  The new look no-huddle offense looks to get everyone involved.

San Diego State

Touted freshman linebacker Jacob Driver is making a dent in the Aztecs deepest position.  No look for you! Aztecs close scrimmage to the public.


Recruit fails to make the grades, and is not joining the team, and highlights from the first scrimmage.


Terance Cain earned more reps at quarterback in practice over the weekend.  Recruit number fifteen offensive linemen Archie Muniz comes from alma mater out of Houston, TX.  Corbin Louks transfers to Nevada-Reno, and a Seattle paper previews Utah.


JUCO transfer linebacker BJ Bell has chance to make an impact in 2009.  Former Falcon hoops player Saj El-Amin is joining the Falcons as a wide receiver, after spending three years on the hardwood.  The over looked kicker position is settling in.


Transfer QB Robert Benjamin is in a dead heat for the starting job.  Defense wants to improve off of the 14 take aways from last year. Freshman receiver Chris McNeill is ok after being carted off the field with a head injury.  Get to know Dave Christensen.