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Let's Do the Quarterback Shuffle

So far the biggest quarterback battle is taking place at Utah between Terrance Cain and Jordan Wynn.  Today is another scrimmage between the two and the depth chart has a chance to flip with Cain being number one and Wynn the two.  Recently in practice Cain has been earning more reps with the first team, so today's 80 play scrimmage is huge. 

Now like I have mentioned before if Jordan Wynn is not named the starter then he should redshirt, but now that is not an option with an announcement earlier today that Corbin Louks is transferring to Nevada.

Wyoming is also in the race for a quarterback, and so far Senior Karsteen Sweed is in a dead heat with junior college transfer Robert Benjamin.  Benjamin was a Dave Christensen recruit who ran a similar spread attack at his previous school and what is going to be run at Wyoming.

The Pokes had their second scrimmage yesterday and all coach Christensen would say is that both have flaws, but both have been playing well.  Benjamin may gain the job off of experience running this type of offense.

New Mexico has a quasi-controversy, mainly because former quarterback Donovan Porterie is coming off a knee injury.  Expect Porterie to win the job because Mike Locksely utilized Juice Williams at Illinois as a dual threat quarterback and as long as Porterie's knee holds up he will be running the no huddle offense.

The other options are Brad Gruner who played in place of Porterie last year, and then there is redshirt frosh B.R. Holbrook.  The Lobos had a scrimmage the other day and all three threw a touchdown pass, but Porterie was by and far the best quarterback on the day.  No official announcement has been made, but Porterie looks to be the best to run Locksley's system. 

The Colorado State Rams have three in mind and a decision may not be made until kickoff.  The team did have their first scrimmage and the three in the race are Klay Kubiak, Jon Eastman, and Grant Stucker.  Out of the three Kubiak was the most consistent however neither Estman nor Stucker turned the ball over, and the two combined for three scores.

Coach Fairchild was hoping for someone to step up in the first scrimmage, but he will have to evaluate the talent with the next scrimmage in a few days.