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Utah Releases Aniticpated Quarterback Depth Chart

...And the winner is true freshman Jordan Wynn! Congratulations young man you are currently number one on the coveted quarterback depth chart. This is somewhat surprising because it is a true freshman who just put on forty plus pounds since January, but then it is not when Coach Whittingham asked the remaining media who they thought looked best and they all agreed it was Jordan Wynn.

The rest of the depth chart has Terrance Cain the backup and the junior Corbin Louks the three, and most likely out of the running. A question was posed if Louks would transfer and he gave this vague response:

Asked if he would remain with the Utes, Louks said he would have to discuss it with his family."I don't know," he said. "I'm in shock right now."

Louks to transfer would not be a surprise because his career would basically be over, but as Coach Whittingham said today this depth chart is fluid and could change with the remaining practices leading up to the Utah State opener.

The main thing for Utah fans is to keep things in perspective and this quote from Whittingham reitirates there is no starter named yet:

"I want to emphasize we have not named a starter," Whittingham said. "It's a chance to sort things out and get some continuity with the ones and twos and so forth. That is our starting point, nothing is etched in stone."