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And the Utah Quarterback Who Gets Cut is...

We will all find out tomorrow, as for today there was a scrimmage at Rice-Eccles which was closed to the media with the exception of the last 45 minutes. Coach Wittingham said the trio will be whittled down to a number one, two, and three:

"All three quarterbacks did some good things and all three made mistakes," said Whittingham. "After we watch film, we will come out with a one, two and three. Nothing will be set in stone--the order could still change--but at least we will have a starting point and can begin to get some continuity with the quarterback and the first string offense."

Now for some details on the scrimmage it was 100 plays and three played with the first string. Jordan Wynn looks to be the best passer and connected with Jereme Brookes for a 35 yard touchdown pass, Terrance Cain then hit up running back Eddie Wide on a sixty yard score, and well Corbin Louks was no where to be seen in the recap that the SID put out.

From listening and reading nearly it all on the quarterback battle it seems that Corbin Louks is playing his way out of the job. The Ute staff has repeatedly said they are playing for 2009 and not the future, so this means that a true freshman will be out the 2008 JUCO player of the year, and a two year backup who knows the system.

In other bad news regarding Louks Coach Wittingham's quick recap to the media said Louks is competitive and very fast, while Terrance Cain reminds him of Sugar Bowl MVP Brian Johnson, and Jordan Wynn is like former Ute and number one overall draft pick Alex Smith


To me these comments put Louks out of the starting position, and moves Cain to a and Wynn to to battle it out in future scrimmages. However, if Wynn is not starting then he should redshirt and use Louks as they have in the past as a change of pace quarterback.

One last item, the quarterback play --according to those at the practice-- was not great by any means between any of the three quarterbacks. Which could mean the 2009 Utes will rely heavily on their defense and running back Matt Asiata and his back ups.