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BYU Gets Revenge While TCU Blows Halftime Lead


BYU got revenge over last years controversial call that overturned a buzzer beater tip in by the Sun Devils.  BYU took off and never looked back in this game.  Arizona State did stop BYU's Jimmer Freddette and held him to 1-14 shooting and only ten points, but the rest of the Cougars helped out by having three others score in double figures.

Neither team shot particularly well --both at 43 percent-- but the difference was the turnover margin that had BYU a plus six.  BYU also won the rebounding 34-28 with eight second chance opportunities to ASU's three.

The Horned Frogs stormed out of the gate with an early 14-4 lead and TCU was able to hang on to a five point lead at the half, and the game seemed to be somewhat in the hands of the Horned Frogs for an upset win over 23 ranked Texas Tech.

Then the second half started which saw the TCU lead shrink to a deficit and eventually a lose.  The Horned Frogs were unable to keep their momentum going from the early first half, and showed while they have talent, but need to realize it is a 40 minute game. 

TCU was lead in scoring by a monster night in Zyonko Buljan who had 24 points and 10 boards, but that was not enough as Tech shot over 50 percent from the field compared to TCU's 42 percent.