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BYU vs. Arizona State and TCU vs. Texas Tech Preview and Open Thread

Wow that is a long title, but tonight are a pair of good games. Just hope TCU can hang close with Texas Tech who is fresh off a victory over Washington; while BYU wants revenge from last years controversy buzzer beater loss to Arizona State.  So my preview crashed and I just found out, but TCU is doing good at the half by leading TCU.


BYU is looking to avenge last year's reversal of a last second tip in that gave the victory to ASU.  However, this years game is at the Marriott Center home of BYU and the Cougars hardly lose at home.  The previous game for both squads was a loss with BYU losing to Utah State and Aarizona State falling to Baylor.

For ASU they must stop Jimmer Freddette which is exactly what Utah State did.  Jimmer was able to get 19 points but it was on 5 for 15 shooting and six free throws.  ASU will want Jonathan Tavernari and others to beat them and not Jimmer which will give them a good chance to win.

ASU has four scorers who average 9.5 to 14 points per game with any of them able to go off for 20 points per game, so BYU will need to stop that one from blowing up.  The Cougar defense is very good and gives up just over 50 per game, well so does Arizona State.

This game will come down to who can make a defensive stop.