Go Horned Frogs



First I want to congratulate the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs are their very impressive performance this past season.  That being said, I am a University of Utah fan.  I think that what TCU’s team has done this year, is by far one of the best performances this season.  I hope that they take it to Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl.  I believe that Boise State does not deserve to be even in the BCS discussion.  For one reason, look at what happened the last time they went undefeated.  They couldn’t even win the Poinsettia Bowl.  It takes a lot more than a couple of “blow out” wins over 100+ ranked teams to get respect.  They will get embarrassed just like Hawaii did back in 2007. 

TCU does deserve to be in the discussion for a BCS bowl, and even a National Title.  Who is to be the judge in saying that TCU could not beat Alabama, or Texas?  Just look at last year.  Who was to say Utah couldn’t have beaten Florida or even Oklahoma?  The BCS system is a joke.  They need to start allowing other programs into the BCS, without having to have a perfect season.  A playoff system seems like the only logical answer, but we all know how that goes.  There is not a chance, at least anytime soon, that the BCS will change its ways and allow schools from “non-BCS” programs to be in the chase for the National Title.

I would like to end in saying that I fully agree that TCU is one of the best teams in the Nation this year.  It is a shame that they have to prove how good they are against an “overrated” Boise State team, that doesn’t even deserve to be in the BCS.  With that I would like to say GO FROGS!  Beat them Broncos!


-Scot Michie


Go Horned Frogs