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First Impressions of Bowl Matchups... Really BCS TCU vs. Boise State

TCU vs. Boise State
When: Jan. 4/8 p.m.
TV: Fox
Where: Glendale, Ariz.

Now this is a slap in the face to both schools who deserve a better matchup then to face the same team for the third time in seven years in the post season.  TCU fans should be happy to be here since this is their first ever BCS appearance. Bronco fans have a mixed feeling toward this game, but since they are an at-large team they are not as upset as TCU fans.

Still not sure why a Big 10 team was chosen ahead of either team, and when the Fiesta Bowl people say they wanted this matchup for TV ratings and ticket sales they are lying.  All BCS games will sell out but if they invited Iowa then the numbers would be big.

This should be a great game, and  lets hope the offense shows up this year, unlike in San Diego last year. 

Early prediction:  TCU wins any where from 6-14 points.

 Wyoming vs. Fresno State
When: Dec. 19/4:30 p.m.
Where: Albuquerque, N.M.

Wyoming's first bowl bid since the 2004  Las Vegas Bowl, and the Pokes made one of the more impressive turn arounds in the country.  This game will feature a potent offense with Fresno going up against a solid Wyoming defense.

The key could be the Wyoming spread offense that can move the ball,and with the Bulldogs weak defense Wyoming could take advantage in this one.

Early prediction: Fresno by three points

Oregon State vs. BYU
When: Dec. 22/8 p.m.
Where: Las Vegas

BYU's second home is in Vegas as this is their fifth trip to the game and they are awarded by playing a fellow top 20 foe.  The Oregon State offense is really fast which could cause problems for the Cougar defense.  However, on the flipside the BYU offense should be able to score some points against Oregon State.

Early prediction: BYU by 10 points

California vs. Utah
When: Dec. 23/8 p.m.
Where: San Diego

The big story line will be that Utah's old offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig has the same position at Cal as he had at Utah and for a brief few weeks at Kansas State this past summer.  Cal is a hit and miss team, just look at this past weeks game for an example as Cal was humiliate by Washington 42-10. 

Early prediction: Utah by four points

Air Force vs.Houston
When: Dec. 31/noon
Where: Fort Worth, Texas


Surprised this matchup was formed since this is the third time these teams met when you go back to last years regular season and bowl game.  This will be an entertaining game since Houston throws the ball for over 400 a game while Air Force rushes for 273 yards in the nation.

Early prediction: This is a tough one but Houston by 10.