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BCS Bowl Selection Open Thread: Please Hand TCU a Cup of Sugar

The BCS bowl announcements will be announced tonight at 8pm eastern on Fox while ESPN is counter programming at the same time for the entire release of the bowl matchups.  Fox will get to announce but ESPN will be maybe a minute behind since Fox owns the rights to the BCS.

He have finally came to the day where the BCS will announce their selections for their cartel of bowl games with all the predictions anyone can handle.  Come and chat it up for the BCS bowl selection and complain how three undefeated teams are left out with no chance of trying to win this years national title.

As a sore reminder here is how close TCU was to getting to Pasadena.

Let's hear what you think. Register for a free account here on the site and leave your comments, predictions and other game day chatter below in the comments section.