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BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock Radio Interviews

With the recent Q&A with Bill Hancock posted here I thought it would be a good idea to post a few radio interviews that Bill Hancock has done over the past few months.

Below is an excerpt from his interview with Dan Patrick which was done on 11/18/09

Patrick: "Now, you went to Oklahoma, right?" 

Hancock: "I did."

Patrick: "Let’s say Oklahoma went undefeated but didn’t play for the national title. You’d be okay with that because they’d go to a nice bowl game and a nice consolation prize for Bob Stoops."

[Editorial Comment: 5 seconds of silence elapse here—literally.]

Hancock: "Is that a question?"

Patrick: "Yeah, you’d be fine with that, right?"

Hancock: "You have to remember that every year there’s gonna be controversy. Every year in the NCAA tournament we had controversy."

Patrick: "No, but you’re an Oklahoma fan!"

Hancock: "I would not be fine with that. You remember the year that Auburn got left out. Every year, somebody is not going to make it. Every year in the basketball tournament, somebody doesn’t make it."

Patrick: "Yeah, but if you don’t make it in a field of 65, then you know what?  You have yourself to blame there. And not some team that’s undefeated is not going to make the tournament. So, that’s the point. If you have Cincinnati, you have Boise State, or TCU, and they go undefeated and don’t play for the national title, to me that’s a flawed system. And you know that’s a flawed system, Bill."

Now here is another interview from Sports Radio 1280 the Zone back in April: