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Mountain West and their Road to the BCS: Week 14

The Mountain West Conference regular season has officially come to a close, but there is still one final weekend of college football.  This is a big weekend that will determine where most teams are going bowling when announced on Sunday.

TCU crushed New Mexico and finished the season undefeated, guaranteeing them their first ever spot in the BCS.  They remain ranked 4th in the BCS standings, but still have a shot at the BCS National Championship Game in Pasadena.

Here is a look at the games being played in the final week of the regular season in college football, and how they will affect the Mountain West's BCS outlook:

All times are eastern

 No. 3 Texas vs No. 22 Nebraska (ABC, 8:00 PM)

The Big 12 Championship Game.  If Texas wins they will play the winner of the SEC Championship Game in the BCS National Championship.  If Nebraska wins they will play in the Fiesta Bowl, and Texas will likely be selected as an at-large team.

MWC rooting interest:  Nebraska.  This is TCU's last chance to get into the Championship Game.  If Texas loses TCU should jump to the No. 2 spot over Texas and the loser of the SEC Championship Game.  Mountain West fans should all become the biggest Huskers fans on Saturday night.

No. 1 Florida vs. No. 2 Alabama (CBS, 4:00 PM) 

A rematch of the 2008 SEC Championship Game.  The winner will punch their ticket to Pasadena, and the loser will be going to the Sugar Bowl.

MWC rooting interest:  Toss up.  TCU has no chance of jumping the winner of this game.  There is a good chance that TCU will play the loser of this game in the Sugar Bowl.    That is what Jeremy Mauss has been predicting here for a while now.  I believe that TCU can beat either of these teams, a MWC vs SEC matchup would be great for the conference.

No. 5 Cincinnati at No. 15 Pittsburgh (ABC, 12:00 PM)

The winner will claim the Big East for 2009 and their automatic spot in the BCS.  

MWC rooting interest:  Pittsburgh.  Cincinnati is not far behind TCU in the rankings.  With a win over Pitt there is a very good chance that they can jump the Horned Frogs.  It would be awful is Texas loses, but Cincinnati jumps TCU to get into the BCS Championship Game.

No. 10 Georgia Tech vs Clemson (8:00 PM, ESPN)

The ACC Championship Game.  The winner will represent the ACC with their automatic spot in the BCS.  TCU defeated Clemson earlier this season.

MWC rooting interest:  Clemson.  TCU has only beated two teams that are currently ranked in the Top 25.  It would strengthen their claim to the National Championship Game by having Clemson get back into the Top 25.  If Clemson wins, they will likely boot No. 25 Utah out of the Top 25 which actually may be worse for the Mountain West with the AQ Evaluations.

New Mexico State at No. 6 Boise State (3:00 PM, ESPN 360)

A win means another undefeated regular season for the Boise State Broncos, who are looking to get into the BCS as an at-large team.

MWC rooting interest:   Boise State.  Multiple non-AQ teams in the BCS would be a great thing for all non-automatic qualifier conferences.  It can open the door of the non-BCS movement even more.  Also, if rumors are true, and the Mountain West chooses to expand; the higher Boise State's final ranking, the better off the MWC would be in the AQ Evaluations.