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Mike Leach Fired at Texas Tech is TCU's Gary Patterson His Replacement

What first started off as an immediate suspension for Texas Tech's coach Mike Leach stemming from putting Adam James -- son of ABC/ESPN broadcaster Craig James -- in a 'shed' during practice time because he had a concussion is now fired. This all happened so quickly today with an injunction that was to take place at 10 am central time never did occur, but rather his lawyer was given a letter of termination by the University.  Leach was trying to secure his place on the sideline that would have netted him $800,000 for being the coach at the start of the year.

Now with Leach out at Tech the scrambled speculation of his replacement now heads into full gear.  Early speculation has turned to Baylor's Art Briles he has only been at Baylor a few years, but his real success was bringing University of Houston's program from the dead and challenge for conference titles.  Another reason Briles is a logical choice is because he has a relationship at Tech where he was an assistant under Mike Leach from 1999-2002.

My personal choice would be June Jones from SMU, since Jones has an offense that would not skip a beat in Lubbock.  All the players are there in a pass happy offense.  There has been chatter about Boise State's Chris Peterson which is a long shot and probably not going to happen.

Then their is TCU's Gary Patterson he has been in the state for nearly a decade and is a defensive coach that could get Tech over the hump and not have to win games 51-50.  Patterson did recently sign an extension, but we all know in college football those have no real teeth.

Gary Patterson would be a good fit in Lubbock, but is it really a better job then what he has going at TCU?  The only thing better would be the money.  Getting to the BCS would be possibly difficult because of the yearly matches against Texas and Oklahoma.