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CSU Sits at 4-3 After Loss to Northern Colorado, Look Ahead to DU

The Rams traveled to instate rival Northern Colorado Bears (7-0) and lost.  Before I just give away the score I am going to give you some stats.  The Rams shot 26% in the first half and 35% for the game.  The Bears made 26 free throws to CSU's 18.  UNC had a 10/16 turnover to assist ratio while CSU's was 6/20.  No Ram player had more then 3 field goals made or more then 2 three pointers.  The Rams were without starting guard Harvey Perry and freshman point guard Dorian Green had the stomach flu. Northern Colorado was in front of a standing room only home crowd. Catch the exciting conclusion after the jump!!

  The Rams never lead but still only lost by 7, 70-63.  I know UNC is no powerhouse but they are playing good ball, in the past with those stats the Rams lose that game by 20 points.  The Rams rebounding (39-28) and defense are keeping them in games even when the offense is no where to be found.  This in the big picture is a good sign, in the short run the Rams will need to find some offense if they want to be taken serious.

The Rams host Denver University this Saturday at home.  It will be a big game because they can measure themselves against Wyoming who has already played DU.  The Rams will need to find point some where, it is really the only part missing.  A major part but still one part.  In their three losses they have failed to shoot over .40% no big surprise there.  For the Rams it is not really a matter of finding a scorer as much as making the shots there taking.  No one expects anyone to step up and shoot it 30 times a game, if the starters just go 4-10 or 6-12 from the field it would pile up points quickly.  For that to happen they will need to boost their assist game and help each other out.

DU is off to a good start at 5-1 with their biggest win over Wyoming at home 80-77.  They shoot and impressive 51% and boast a 1.4/1 assist to turnover ratio.  They could give CSU some trouble at the guard spot as Senior Nate Rohnert is averaging 19.2 points a game and could match up against freshman Dorian Green.  For CSU to win they will need to force DU to shoot under 50% and out rebound them.  If a scorer emerges in green in gold that would be great, but I would take a team effort of scoring instead and that would start with scoring off assists.