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Statistical Comparison of the Fiesta Bowl: #4 TCU Horned Frogs vs. #6 Boise State Broncos

The big Fiesta Bowl is less then a week away, so now is a good time to compare how the two teams stack up regarding the most important statistics in the game.

Both teams are strong in both offense and defense with a slight edge to TCU in the defense prowess. That TCU defense is the reason they won last year when these teams played in the 2008 Poinsettia Bowl.

Do not be fooled by the overall lead TCU has some of the margins are very thin and these two teams are very equal.

Category Edge
Scoring Offense 44.2 PPG 40.7 PPG
Rushing Offense 194.54 YPG 272.46 YPG
Passing Offense 266.00 YPG 212.16 YPG
Total Offense 460.50 YPG 467.8YPG
Penalties 55.5 YPG 54.2 YPG
Scoring Defense 17.7 PPG 12.2 PPG
Rushing Defense 126.85 YPG 80.50 YPG
Passing Defense 172.80 YPG 152.8 YPG
Total Defense 299.6 YPG 233.3 YPG
Turnovers Lost (Season) 13 20
Turnovers Margin
1.46 per game .33 per game
Third Down Conversions 38.46% 43.15%
Third Down Defense 32.22% 26.14%
Red Zone Offense 85.53% 84.75%
Red Zone Defense 78.57% 76.19%