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#24 Texas Tech Travels to the Pit to take on #17 New Mexico

New Mexico is trying overcome an embarrassing loss to Oral Roberts last week which knocked them from the unbeaten ranks.  Tonight's game against Texas Tech will be the toughest challenge to date.  The Red Raiders also come in with only a single loss -- to Wichita State by two -- and ranked 24th in the country.

Both teams are nearly identical in points scored at a shade under 81 and in points allowed at 67 per game.  So, something has to give and that most likely will be the Red Raider since New Mexico does not lose at home and is 8-0 on the year to date.

The difference in this game is that New Mexico goes four deep with top scorers who pout in at least ten points per game, while Tech has three.  However Texas Tech has seven players who put in seven per game compared to New Mexico's five.  Tech will need to attempt to lock down on Darrington Hobson or Roman Martinez both home are at 15 and 16 per game.  If those two are slowed down then look for the Red Raiders to get a victory tonight, conversely New Mexico will Michael Singletary or John Roberson their top scorers.

Whoever can stop the opposing leading scorers will win, that sounds simple but with both teams able to run and get in the 80's any defensive stand could change the outcome of the game.

Points M. Singletary 15.4 D. Hobson 16.5
Rebounds D. Roberts 7.7 D. Hobson 7.8
Assists J. Roberson 5.8 D. Hobson 4.3
Steals J. Roberson 1.9 R. Martinez 1.5
Blocks D. Roberts 1.4 A. Hardeman 1.4