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If College Football Had a Playoff: Round One Results

The first round is in the books and now of to the quarterfinals where the higher seeds still have home field advantage until the final four. The most recent win was Cincinnati over Central Michigan. Here is how the first round went:

# 1 Alabama over Troy #16

#9 Georgia Tech over #8 Ohio State

#12 Penn State over #5 Florida

#4 TCU over #13 LSU

#2 Texas over #15 East Carolina

#7 Oregon over #10 Iowa

#11 Virginia Tech over #6 Boise State

#3 Cincinnati over #14 Central Michigan

People have been saying it is a popularity contest which it is and it is hardly from scientific, so the people who have been complaining about that just relax. In saying that the BCS is a popularity contest after the number one and number two matchup are set. They take the teams that will give them the most ratings, sell tickets, and patronize their town.

OK that is enough of me on my soap box.

The two big surprises were that Florida and Boise State both higher seeds lost. In my opinion those teams would have most likely won that matchup, but besides my vote not much can be done. Just imagine if these first round games were actually real! The only two games that would have been blowouts and not really watchable are the Texas and Alabama wins. Even the Central Michigan vs. Cincinnati would have been intriguing for one Brian Kelly was the former coach and the Chips have an offense that can put up points.

In the mean time these playoffs are taking the Christmas weekend off (which is probably what would happen if there was a real playoff) until Monday. However, in the mean time you can salivate over the next potential matchups.

#9 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets @ #1 Alabama Crimson Tide

This would be a true test of the Alabama defense going up against Paul Johsnon's run option offense.

#12 Penn State Nitanny Lions @ #4 TCU Horned Frogs

Lets see if Penn State's offense is able stay their traditional conservative selves can have any success against the amazing TCU defense.

#7 Oregon Ducks @ #2 Texas Longhorns

The Longhorns may need to add an extra digit to the scoreboard for this game. Basically who ever has the ball last will win this game.

#11 Virginia Tech Hokies @ #3 Cincinnati Bearcats

A rematch of last years Orange Bowl will be the main reason to tune in. This matchup will come down to if Virginia Tech can make a few stops against Cincinnati.