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Rams Fall to Bruins on the Road


Colorado State (8-4) couldn't handle the pressure of playing a big program in UCLA (3-7) and fell 75-63.  The game was tied 34-34 at half and was tightly contested the whole way.  That is until the Rams got up by 8 around the 11 minute mark.  It was all Bruins from then on, with 7 minutes remaining they went on a 20-4 run to end the game.  The Bruins were on fire from everywhere on the court shooting 51% from the field, 60% from 3point land, and 78% from the foul line.  The Rams couldn't match that as they shot 41%, 38%, and 60% respectively from those spots.  Catch more after the jump...

Normally I recap the players, but I feel like going off on a tangent as losses like this have marked my years at Colorado State.  No Rams team can go on the road and win against a big name school, not even one that is struggling like the Bruins.   When the Rams had a lead with ten minute remaining I had about 1% faith they could hold off the on coming Bruin rally.  This happened over and over in Football, BYU and TCU last year, Utah among many this year.  Even in volleyball the Rams take down big teams at home only to fall on the road. 

We get stuck with a small non athletic school label because of losses like this.  Although beating UCLA at this point wouldn't mean much because they are struggling it is still beating the school with the most NCAA basketball championships ever and that would mean something. 

What you need to know about the game:

All UCLA starters had a double figure points.  Rams got out shot, out rebounded, but actually won the turnover margin.  However half their turnovers came in the last 11 minutes when UCLA made their run.  Dorian Green had another low shooting % game at 20%.  The Rams did run a positive assist to turnover ratio for the first time this year.  It wasn't a horrible performance by the Rams just a commonly frustrating one from a fan perspective.

The Rams travel to Fresno State on December 28th.  Have a good Holiday everyone!