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Utah RB Matt Asiata to Return to the Team for 2010 Season

Utah running back Matt Asiata tore his ACL back in mid September after scoring a touchdown against Louisville is returning to the team for the 2010 season. There was speculation that he might just take his chances by moving on to the NFL since his stock may not increase too much,  he has three kids, and this would be his sixth year of college once you include is stay at Snow College.

Off the cuff this is good news because Asiata was a stud last year and this year before he got hurt and there was condern that the Utes would not have much of a running game with the smaller and speedy back Eddie Wide.  That was not the case as Wide had a 1,000 yard season.

While it is never a bad idea to have too many good backs the problem will be trying to keep all of them happy with touches.  The running situation will be more of a split between Wide and Asiata next year with Sausan Shakerin who is supposedly a star in the making seeing limited touches.

This should be a good thing for the Utes, because it will give them two completely different backs that are very effective.  Wide is a speed back while Asiata is a bruiser and will wear down opposing defense.  Both are also efficient enough to do the others role.