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BYU Manhandles Oregon State 44-20

Do not let the score fool anyone this was more of a blowout then the 24 point BYU victory.  To break it down even further the game was won by BYU and then the wind edge out Oregon State as well in this game.  Yes the wind was terrible and saw the net that catches the field goals get tangled up and the sky cam removed, but that was not the reason Oregon State loss.  Neither was the fact that this was a let down for just missing out on the Rose Bowl. 

The first drive of the game Oregon State was buzzing along and scored nearly at will on a four play 37 yard drive to open up the scoring.  Then BYU went on a 30-0 run to bust open the game, but prior to that BYU tied the game on a methodical drive of 14 plays, 84 yards, and lasted six minutes.  Then on Oregon State's next possession they fumbled the ball and BYU returned it for a score and then proceeded to punt and BYU had another drive of nearly six minutes for a field goal.  Before Oregon State could do much they were down 17-3, and then 23-7 at the half while controlling the ball for approximately 18 minutes of the first thirty.

Oregon State's receiver James Rodgers had zero first half touches which is just another reason why Oregon State was done early, but more so do to their mediocre defense that allowed BYU to do as they wish on offense.  By the time anyone from Oregon State was able to do anything the game was over as BYU lead 37-7 before Oregon State put some more points on the board.

Field position played a huge roll in this game as the wind was just going crazy through out the entire game.  The Beavers were having problems punting the ball and their punter had four kicks for a total of 104 yards but had a long of 64.  Take away that 64 yarder and that changes things drastically with three points at 40 yards or 13.3 yards per punt.  Besides that 64 yarder Johnny Hekker had punts of 28, 6, and 6; that is right two punts under ten yards. 

The short punts were great to watch as one did an extreme right hand turn to go out of bounds and then another started off as a decent kick but then hit an imaginary wall and then started going backwards.  Passing was wacky as well with wounded ducks and non spirals going everywhere.

So, the question to be asked about the Pac-10 was the league full of parity or just mediocre teams? More will be answered tomorrow once Utah plays Cal, but it is looking more along the lines of mediocrity for the Pac-10.  BYU crushed a team that was so close to going to the Rose Bowl, Utah nearly beat the Pac-10 champs Oregon, and besides USC's win over Ohio State the next best win from the Pac-10 was a victory over actually the Oregon win over Utah.  Arizona did beat Central Michigan which would be the leagues third best win.

The Mountain West is now 2-0 in bowl games and is looking to become 3-0 once Utah takes on Cal tomorrow night.