Q+A about Poinsettia Bowl


Here is the other side of the Q&A about the Poinsettia Bowl. Here is the first question: 1. Let's replace Arizona, Arizona State, and Oregon State in the Pac-10 with TCU, BYU and Utah, then replay the 2009 season. What sort of conference record do those three end up with? How many of them beat Cal? Big question right out of the gate. I think TCU would still have gone undefeated and in the Pac-10 they would be in the title game, because they are just that good. However, they most likely would not have as many blowouts since they would be playing Oregon and Stanford. BYU has the offense to play like the Pac-10 and would be able to hang with most of the league. I could easily see BYU winning or losing to Oregon, Cal, USC, and Stanford. BYU would be a slight favorite without Cal RB Jahvid Best, but if he were healthy then the Cougars would have a difficult time stopping him, since BYU's defense is not that fast. BYU probably would finish in the top half of the league with a 7-2 conference record, with loses coming to Oregon and Stanford. Utah is the real question since they play Cal next week in San Diego, but for the rest of the league the Utes would have more problems since their offense and even their supposed defensive strength have been inconsistent. Utah all ready lost to Oregon this year in a tough game, so one could assume that Utah would not get blown out in any game against the Pac-10. The league was so good this year that Utah probably would finish around the same record as Cal in league play with a five or six win league season. The 2.5 to 3 points favoring Cal is about right in this game and honestly it can go either way, but the way Cal played against Washington and was blown out the edge goes to the Utes and they beat Cal. Go check the rest out