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That is Why TCU looked so Excited for the BCS Selection Show

The mystery is solved to why TCU fans were so excited about playing Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl: pre shot video.  According to TCU baseball coach Jim Schlossnagle, most of the enthusiastic crowd shots were done before the show began, which was obviously before fans knew who their opponent would be:

So the team is there, coach Gary Patterson is there, the Fox camera crew is there and Fox reporter Charissa Thompson is there. The producers were there pumping their fists and getting the crowd jazzed with applause signs and all. Thompson only told the fans gathered there that they were going to the Fiesta Bowl and not who they would play.

So, the only thing the students knew as the show went live was that TCU was going to the Fiesta Bowl but the opponent was not named.  How convenient of Fox to let the fans know only know that part, but not who they were playing. Looks like they made the right move to pre tape the excitement, because with all the heat Fox and the BCS take it would not look good to see a first time BCS participant boo their selection. The TCU fans were rightfully upset and stormed out from the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum since TCU will not be able to prove themselves against a team from one of the big money leagues.