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Top 10 College Football Plays From Week 13

College Football is more then the Mountain West so here are the top 10 highlights from week nine.  This video player some may have seen on the sidebar is from Athletix Nation (not to be confused with out own Athletics Nation blog) a new partner for the SB Nation network of blogs, so once in a while go check out the highlights.  The video on the side bar auto plays but the sound is not active which is nice, however for embedded videos on posts those do not auto play (like some other sites that are annoying).

Most of the videos are either national plays of the week or have to do with the Big 10, Big XII, and Pac-10, but their are a ton of MWC highlights from non-conference games if you choose the Mountain West tab.  It's good to be a well rounded fan so below are the week nine plays of the week highlights.  Enjoy!

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