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Various Mountain West Bowl Projections

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Bowl projections from across the various media outlets.  The Mountain West is looking to get five teams into bowl games.


CBS - Orange Bowl vs Georgia Tech

ESPN - Fiesta Bowl vs Iowa

ESPN - Orange Bowl vs Georgia Tech

Scout - Sugar Bowl vs Alabama

SI - Fiesta Bowl vs USC

My prediction:  Orange Bowl vs Georgia Tech.  The ACC is tied in to the Orange Bowl, and they get the first pick of at-large teams.  Georgia Tech should win the ACC and will be automatically selected to the Orange Bowl.  TCU will probably be ranked 3 in the BCS standings, which will be too high for the Orange Bowl to pass up.  


CBS - Las Vegas Bowl vs Cal

ESPN - Poinsettia Bowl vs Cal

ESPN - Las Vegas Bowl vs Oregon State

Scout - Humanitarian Bowl vs Boise State

SI - Poinsettia Bowl vs Boise State

My prediction:  Las Vegas Bowl vs Cal.  I expect the Utes to defeat BYU, and finish 2nd in the MWC.  The Vegas Bowl will pass up on BYU this year for the first time in four years and select Utah.  The Pac-10 will likely have 2 teams in the BCS, which leaves the Vegas Bowl with the 5th place team who will likely be Cal.


CBS - Poinsettia Bowl vs UCLA

ESPN - Poinsettia Bowl vs Cal

ESPN - Las Vegas Bowl vs UCLA

Scout -Las Vegas Bowl vs Arizona State

SI - Las Vegas Bowl vs Oregon State

My prediction:  Poinsettia Bowl vs UCLA.  BYU will finish 3rd in the MWC, but with TCU going to the BCS, BYU will play in the MWC's second bowl game.  UCLA will barely become bowl eligible when they beat Washington and Arizona State and fill the Pac-10's place.

San Diego State

CBS - Armed Forces Bowl vs Tulsa

Scout - Poinsettia Bowl vs Arizona

My prediction:  New Mexico Bowl vs. Idaho.  In Hoke's first year at San Diego State, he will already have them bowling.  They will be the final Bowl eligible team for the Mountain West, and will be selected by the New Mexico Bowl.  The New Mexico Bowl also has tie ins with the WAC, and will select Idaho.  They will be the WAC's last bowl eligible team as well.

Air Force

CBS - Humanitarian Bowl vs Idaho

ESPN - Armed Forces Bowl vs SMU

ESPN - Armed Forces Bowl vs Tulsa

Scout - Armed Forces Bowl vs SMU

SI - Armed Forces Bowl vs SMU

My prediction:  Armed Forces Bowl vs Tulsa.  Air Force is already Bowl Eligible and in a lock for the Armed Forces Bowl, unless they can overtake BYU.  Conference USA has tie ins to the Armed Forces Bowl, and I expect Tulsa to win out to finish the season (7-5).


ESPN - New Mexico Bowl vs Fresno State

My prediction:  Wont be bowl eligible.  Wyoming needs two more wins and will lose to TCU and to San Diego State or Colorado State on the road.  Still will be a very successful year for the much improved Cowboys.