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What We Learned from Week Eight Of Mountain West Football

Air Force

The Falcons are a much, much better team when QB Tim Jefferson is running the show.  Jefferson is more of a passing threat then Connor Diets, and it showed as Jefferson tossed two touchdown passes.  Air Force has five wins on the year and should become bowl eligible when ESPN GameDay comes to Colorado Springs as they take on the other service academy Army.


The Cougs used the bye week to get healthy and get WR McKay Jacobson back in the lineup, and BYU still insists on executing their plays and saying that will work.  One word: 'speed' which is what Utah will bring on defense at the end of the year.

Colorado State

Tailspin anyone?  The Rams are a mess they are losers of six in a row and one more loss takes them out of bowl consideration.  Coach Fairchild insists that Grant Stucker is the starter this week, but I see Jon Eastman getting some snaps.  Their defense needs to hold somone, and also maybe inform the team there is a second half of football.

New Mexico

Can I pass?  The Lobos came the closest to victory with a three point loss to San Diego State. This week is not any easier as they take on Utah on the road.  Maybe last weeks game gave them some confidence?

San Diego State

Aztecs are .500 and have a legit shot at making their first bowl game since joining the Mountain West.  The bad news is that stud WR Vincent Brown is out for the year with thumb surgery, however DeMarco Sampson has stepped up in his place quite nicely the past few games. 


The past three games TCU has outscored their last three opponents by 133-13, and the BCS is in reach.  The Aztecs have one more tune up against San Diego State before they welcome in Utah to Fort Worth for the MWC crowne. 


Oh the how the Rebels deceive us with their preseason hype.  UNLV's supposed offense is stagnent as they got shut out by TCU and look terrible on both sides of the ball.  UNLV may have to eat the three years left on his deal, but all could be somewhat forgiven if they can somehow beat Colorado State.


Jordan Wynn or Terrance Cain?  That is the question o' the week as to who will be the starter.  It obviously will be Jordan Wynn, while his stats were not impressive he brings in a more diverse passing game then Terrance Cain who relied on slants to David Reed and then run the ball.  Wynn is not the athlete to run, but the Utes have Luke Matthews, former QB DeVonte Christopher, Eddie Wide,  and Shaky Smitheson  to take a direct snap in the running game.  It is New Mexico but it will be a test for Jordan Wynn to see how he does in a full game.


The Poke had their chances against Utah with a dropped sure pick six that could have won them the game.  Dave Christensen is the best new coach in the league, but does not quite yet have the athletes to run his system.  QB Austyn Carta-Samuels is the future for Wyoming and it looks promising.  They are on track for a bowl berth which would be huge for Wyoming.  WR David Leonard is quietly having a great season with 52 catches and 452 yards, and more then triples the next closest Wyoming receiver in receptions.