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The Other Side of the Holy War: The Incident Toward Coach Whittinigham's Family

The Utes themselves were getting some special treatment after the BYU game. This photo is of coach Whittingham's wife -- Jamie Whittingham after the game Saturday night.  It seems that those classless Utah fans.

These photos show that both sets of fans can be rowdy and cross the line at times.


This first photo shows a BYU fan punching the guy on the far right as Coach Wittingham's wife and daughter look on. Thd look on the daughters face is classic.


Then there is this one where it shows the BYU fan clearly punches an unsuspected Jamie Whittingham. 

People need to realize that Max Hall's family is not the only opposing team getting treated bad.  I can guarantee during coach Whittingham's press conference this question will rise up and will give an answer along the lines that this is a heated rivalry and people get emotinal, or he will say nothing.

There is a video talking about the incident on KSL but they currently do not allow embeding of that video, here is a link.

---Hat tip: Block U