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TCU Beats New Mexico and is Heading to their First BCS Bowl Game

TCU did it again by boat racing New Mexico in their home finale and in the process qualified for their first BCS bowl game in school history.  The first points on the board came on a wacky play where New Mexico was punting and the kicker had to hustle to kick the ball out of the end zone to only give up a safety.

That was just the beginning before the chaos broke as TCU ended up scoring the first 30 points in the game.  This was the same old TCU everyone has seen all year with a solid defense and a running game that was great and included 3 players rushing for over 40 yards and a total of 202 yards. 

The passing game saw more work then normal as QB Andy Dalton passed for 228 yards and four touchdowns.  The leading receiver was a different player this week as sophomore Antoine Hicks over half of the yards with 123 and two scores of his own.

After the game TCU head coach Gary Patterson addressed the crowd on the PA system and said this:

"We can play with anybody," said Patterson. "I don't care who you are. We look forward to the challenge. I can tell you this team can play with a lot of people."

The belief is mutual here that TCU is as good if not better then any team in the country: yest that includes the Sainted Tim Tebow and Florida.  This game was all for style points for the human voters, because the computer polls will drop the Horned Frogs for playing such a week opponent.

The drop does not really matter because TCU is in the BCS and the only way the computer rankings matter is if somehow Texas losing to Nebraska in the Big XII title game next week.