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AUDIO: BYU QB Max Hall Calls University of Utah Classless

These comments were unexpected and raised the element to one of the most heated rivalries in the country. Now his comments are way out of line and in my opinion surpass the greatest Holy War quote by Lenny Gomes quote:

"All those guys think that’s all there is to life. But when I’m making $50–60,000 a year, they’ll be pumping my gas. They’re low-class losers."

Here is part of Max Hall's quote:

"They didn’t deserve it. It was our turn, and our turn to win. We deserved it. We played as hard as we could tonight. And it felt really good, again, to send them home, to get them out of here, and so it is a game I will always remember.
I think the whole university, their fans and their organization is classless. They threw beer on my family and stuff last year, and they did a whole bunch of nasty things, and I don’t respect them, and they deserved to lose."

In my opinion that quote tarnishes what is a great career as Hall is the school career winner at quarterback and second all-time in yards only to 1990 Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer. Now it is refreshing that Max Hall said what he felt, but to go out and throw a beach size beach towel covering anyone associated with Utah.

The 'deserved to win quote' sounds self richous. Max should look in the mirror since he had his worst statistically out put on the year by going 12 for 32, 134 yards, and two touchdowns. Getting upset over his family getting beer spilled on them is understandable --and even voicing those comments-- however saying everyone at the University of Utah is classless goes too far.

There are many people at Utah that are very similar to those at BYU with those who are of the same LDS faith, are married with kids, and are return missionaries. So, he is also putting down people that are just like him.

Below is the full audio quote from the post game press conference. Also, to note is that this was not done immediately following the game, but was after the cooling down period after the game had ended.