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Utes rock Aztecs early, roll to 38-7 win.

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For the first few plays on the first drive it looked good for the Aztecs, but after an interception by Lamar Chapman it was all Utes from there on out. Utah scored 5 TDs on its first 6 drives en route to a 38-0 halftime lead and bled the clock to death in the second half with the running game while shutting down the Aztec offense. The Aztecs looked like their offense might come to life a couple times in the second half but only managed 7 points. SDSU actually ended up with more net yards passing than Utah, but the Utes racked up 189 yards on the ground to control the pace of the game and the game clock. The second half flew by and although the Aztec defense pitched a second half shut-out, the Utes did exactly what they wanted to do, which was bleed the clock. Catch the rest after the break.


Utah's offense led by freshman QB Jordan Wynn was explosive in the first half completing several deep passes to jump-start the offense. They even want to the back of the playbook for some trick plays with a double reverse that ended up back in the hands of the QB for a deep bomb which landed incomplete but drew an interference flag. RB Eddie Wide rushed for 84 yards and two touchdowns. He came out of the game with what looked to be a knee injury but later returned to the game. I saw him grabbing his knee at first but I think it ended up being a muscle cramp in his thigh which he was banging on the sideline.

Shaky Smithson had the other rushing TD for Utah. Jereme Brooks led the way for the Utes WRs with 100 yards and 1 TD catch. After the first half the Utes went to the ground to eat up clock and racked up the yardage. Joe Dale led the Utah defense with a 30 yard interception return for a TD. The Utes held the Aztecs in check for most of the game and only allowed one score.

The few opportunities the Aztecs had were not capitalized on. Sophomore QB Ryan Lindley was off all night and the offensive line looked terrible; RB Brandon Sullivan started off strong and looked good at times but wasn't given much to work with. He had over 50 yards rushing in the first half but disappeared in the second half when SDSU was forced to go to the air.

Once again, the Aztecs failed to run the ball and were held to 55 yards rushing, although for some reason I think they count sacks because they gave Lindley -19 yards rushing. Demarco Sampson caught 76 yards and Dominique Sandifer caught the only TD of the night for SDSU to go with 74 yards receiving for him. The offense looked pretty good at times and the defense looked pretty good at times but poor execution and stupid mistakes once again kept the Aztecs from putting it together.