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BYU Should Send Thank You Cards to New Mexico Kicker

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Raise your hand if you saw this coming ... anyone... anyone... no one saw this coming; especially myself.  The glaring obvious point to make is that the New Mexico Lobo kicker James Aho who missed three field goals, with one being blocked, and a missed extra point.  Not going to say that New Mexico would have won even though ten points were left on the field.

BYU was out right terrible in this game, they beat Wyoming 52-0 then sneak by New Mexico?  Who knows why BYU did not rush the ball enough, Harvey Unga only ran the ball 11 times for 49 yards and one of those was a 25 yard gain.  Overall they rushed for 41 total yards.

Max Hall did have a solid game with 314 yards and two picks and was the man to leave the Cougars over New Mexico.  The problem for BYU was their pass defense which was my opinion on the only that New Mexico would be able to stay in this game.  Donovan Porterie kept finding players open and had 272 yards and zero picks.  The Lobos seemed to be able to move the ball with ease  while BYU only occassionally making a stop.  The plus two turnover margin by New Mexico kept them in this game, but even those were unable to spark New Mexico to their first win. 

Not sure if BYU was uninterested but  how is it that they were not able to put away a team that is in the bottom 100 or worse in nearly every major offensive and deffensive statistical category.  Expect a hit in the human polls, and even a bigger one in the BCS standings (Utah dropped like a rock in computer rankings after a big win against UNM)

The only great feat that came from this game is that it is the first time that BYU achieved a 6-0 on the road in 25 years.  Besdies that BYU was fortunate to get a win against winless New Mexico.  They better be careful against Air Force next week, because if they play like this in that game they will lose.