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BYU Travels to take on Winless New Mexico

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So how excited are BYU fans for this presumed beat down over New Mexico?  The BYU team that everyone that the team could be this year finally showed up against Wyoming in a 52-0 domination on the road in good ol' Laramie.  So what is there to expect this week against a team that is much, much worse then Wyoming.

BYU could always use this game to get backups in or get star WR McKay Jacobson back in a groove since this is his second game back from a hamstring injury.  This game will be the final tune up before they face pesky Air Force and then Utah in two weeks.

So what is left for New Mexico?  They should be playing for pride and getting at least one victory on the year, and this is not the week for that to happen.  New Mexico is 100th or worst in every major category and could drop even lower against BYU.  The only thing that is a positive for New Mexico is that they throw the ball around to many receivers with five players with twenty catches or more.  So, if QB Donovan Porterie can find his old self from 2007 and make this game close for a while.

The BYU corners are not great for them and is a weakness that New Mexico might be able make this game interesting, but that also means that New Mexico must hold off the BYU pass rush.  Now, even if New Mexico does throw all over BYU and is succesful they will not be able to keep it up over the game.

There is one very important thing to look for in this game, and that is the Mountain West Sports Network is showing the rest of their games in high definition.  That is what to watch for and see how good the HD quality is for The Mtn.