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Mountain West Expansion Talk was all a Rumor

Everyone was super excited about the Mountain West finally getting into the BCS by adding Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada.  Apparently, there have been people contacting the Mountain West and they deny any of this report about expansion.  They said they have no deal under the table deal with BCS or Boise State, so everyone got all excited over this.

There is always some truth to this rumor of expansion, and I still contend that Boise will get the invite but the other schools are an unknown.  However how cool would it if the Mountain West could actually go out and get big name opponents and not worry about going undefeated each year. If the Mountain West had twelve teams now BYU could still be in the hunt for a BCS game by losing only one conference and the Florida State game.

A title game could be played in Vegas, or Denver for some extra cash and extend the Mountain West season another week and be on par or surpass the ACC and Big East.  Mountain West fans can keep dreaming for the day of BCS inclusion (along with Boise State), but that day is inching closer; even if this current expansion talk was just a rumor.