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Twenty Point Line for TCU is Ludicrous

This line started at 16 and my thought is that it would go down with people taking action on Utah, but the next day the line jumped up to 17 or 17.5 depending where you looked.  As of Wednesday morning the line is 20 points! That is a lot of points and there is no way I can see it getting any hire.  Vegas is usually right on with the line, but is TCU that much better then Utah?


These Utes are not Wyoming or San Diego State they are good teams, and the only reason I can think for the points is because of the BYU outcome which has swayed the odds makers and gamblers alike.  Utah is the most athletic team TCU has played and will play -- unless they qualify for a BCS game -- with the next closest being Clemson who TCU snuck by 14-10.

I am not advocating betting or anything, but just saying this is going to be a close game.  If TCU wins it will be no more then 13 points, nad if Utah wins it will probably be by seven or less.  Just a thought.